Of Hues

Beautiful People,

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Featuring brand : Coloring
Photo Credits : Gahana Gupta
Edited by : WhileSippingCoffee
Location : Zirakpur,Punjab

She flies, she flies
In the vermillion skies.
There's a fiery light
Burning inside.

She moves down and down,
To the sienna burnt earthen browns.
. . .

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November 07, 2016


Of The Self

Beautiful People,

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Featuring Brand : NotLikeYou by Shovit & Durba
Photo Credits : NotLikeYou
Edited by : WhileSippingCoffee
Location : Tollygunj, Kolkata

She celebrates being her fullest self,
An expression that even the daring lack.
Her ‘self’ expressed in singular stories,
With characters . . .

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November 04, 2015


Of Connections

Beautiful People,

Silvrback blog image
Photo Credits : WhileSippingCoffee
Location : The Space at 9/2, Kolkata
Event : The Socials organized by The Interactive on 26th September 2015
Founders : Anahita Kayan & Anuradha Thirani
Hosted by Calcutta Angels Network

She dreamt of an evening of conversations.
The kind that . . .

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October 13, 2015


Of An Open Wound

Beautiful People,

Silvrback blog image

Photo Credits : Martin Garwood
Location : Marden Thorn, Kent, UK

Layers of paper coated the walls. He hated the galvanized iron structure. It reminded him of all that was pent up inside. The corrugation like the scars in his heart - hot-dipped,cold-rolled, pressed hard against the quagmire of . . .

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September 20, 2015


Yarn To Body

Beautiful People,

Silvrback blog image

I feel his hands, brushing through my hair
And gently, like a pendulum, they sway.
Pulling and pushing and tugging at my locks
Straightening out of what is the pride of a Faroese.
Wild, wild, my fleece is wild,
Gently he picks, his combing is mild.
I’m neat, I’m clean, and I’m free . . .

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July 22, 2015