The Extra Mile

Beautiful People,

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Featuring Start Up Company : Get Extra Salary by Dipak Agarwal & Harsha Agarwal
Photo Credits : WhileSippingCoffee for Get Extra Salary
Edited by : WhileSippingCoffee
Location : Author's Apartment

He woke up hurriedly at 7.30 AM. The alarm had been put to snooze over three
times. Ah! A little extra ten minutes of . . .

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February 01, 2016


Of Connections

Beautiful People,

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Photo Credits : WhileSippingCoffee
Location : The Space at 9/2, Kolkata
Event : The Socials organized by The Interactive on 26th September 2015
Founders : Anahita Kayan & Anuradha Thirani
Hosted by Calcutta Angels Network

She dreamt of an evening of conversations.
The kind that leaves one feeling inspired.
Where two . . .

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October 13, 2015