From reel to real

Beautiful People,

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Photo Credits : Parth Gupta
Location : Sun Burn Festival 2014, Goa, India

She walked towards him. Every step of hers, underlined with grace and appealing mannerisms. "Why do you act so helpless?", her voice echoing through the audience. He stared back at her with no efforts to contain . . .

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September 15, 2016


To Finding Yourself

Beautiful People,

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Guest Author : Fran├žois Professeur Chen
Revised & Edited by : WhileSippingCoffee
Photo Credits : Fran├žois Professeur Chen
Location : Cerro El Picacho, Medellin, Colombia

His tall and lean frame covered in black and blue, merged with the towering mountains against the sky. Looking . . .

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December 18, 2015


the divine within

Beautiful People,

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Illustration Credits : WhileSippingCoffee
Location : Author's Apartment, Kolkata

The black encasing seemed stringent enough to allow her breathing space. The space seemed to crawl back upon her and crumble on top of her like some thought-debris.The utter blackness of that space did not allow . . .

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July 02, 2015