Of Sex And All That

Beautiful People,

Photo Credits : The Nebula Quiet by Kira Issar
Location : Model's appartment, Gurgaon

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Her mother stared at her from across the table. In those eyes, she saw the face of years of cultural conditioning, which was now taking the shape of remorse and disgust - the anger flowing like a steady stream of . . .

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December 03, 2016


Of The Self

Beautiful People,

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Featuring Brand : NotLikeYou by Shovit & Durba
Photo Credits : NotLikeYou
Edited by : WhileSippingCoffee
Location : Tollygunj, Kolkata

She celebrates being her fullest self,
An expression that even the daring lack.
Her ‘self’ expressed in singular stories,
With characters . . .

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November 04, 2015


But Unnaturally

Beautiful People,

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Photo Credits : WhileSippingCoffee
Location : Author's Apartment, Kolkata

Her eyes traced the curved silhouette of the arm rest. Slender and sensuous, how most would see it. They would also notice the brilliant ultramarine blue which lent a surreal quality to it. Some would fall in love with . . .

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June 30, 2015